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Veneer and Laminate Splitter

Veneer and Laminate Splitter

Part Nr: Virutex-CO15L

This is our very popular veneer and laminate stripper. It wastes no material and makes cutting strips fast and easy. Check out the video below.

Now with Special Pricing!!!

Price: $149.95

A strip cutter for wood veneers and plastic laminates.  Quick and easy to use.  Obtain a clean and splinter free cut with no waste.  Cutting thickness can be adjusted with a micrometer.  A metric/inch scale can be used for easy adjustment of the strip width.

The new and improved metal bracket made of a special alloy provides a strong hold and stability for the guide fence.  The fence is also bolted at each end for extra strength. The unit is equipped with a special lock knob assembly for a tighter lock of the metal bracket which holds the fence.

Cutting width: .50" - 4.33"
Cutting depth: 0-3/32"
Weight: 2.7 lbs

Clean splinter-free cut with no waste.

Micrometric measure for easy adjustment of strip width and extra grip so the fence does not go out of adjustment regardless of how much pressure exerted.

NOTE:  We no longer rent this tool as the video mentions.