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(or How We Make Beautiful, Durable Cabinet Doors)

Every cabinet door we make is handcrafted by master craftsmen.

  1. Our doors are sanded with progressive machine sanding.
  2. They are then hand sanded with #220 grit sandpaper to assure the best possible finishing surface.
  3. Stain is applied to bring out the hidden beauty of the wood grain.
  4. Steps are taken to ensure that the stain is sprayed evenly on all sides.
  5. The doors are sealed with a clear, penetrating, baked on catalyzed varnish to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.
  6. Fronts and backs are hand sanded to provide a smooth surface for the top coat.
  7. The clear topcoat is hand sprayed on all surfaces.
  8. Each item is packaged in foam wrap to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.