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Door Bumper Pads

Door Bumper Pads

Part Nr: 3MSJ6512

Door bumper pads to cushion the door against the cabinet for quieter door closing.
(1 sheet of 56 pads)

Price: $5.00
When you purchase hinges from us you will receive bumper pads with your hinges automatically. We also sell these bumper pads separately if you are not purchasing hinges from us. 1. Apply to any smooth, flat unified surface such as glass, metal, wood, smooth plaster, tile, etc. 2. For best results, surfaces must be clean and dry. 3. Do not attempt to use on fabric, coarse concrete walls, rough sand finishes, loose paint or rough wallpaper. 4. Remove paper liner from back of bumper. Avoid touching adhesive with fingers. Place bumper on desired location and PRESS FIRMLY to insure good contact of adhesive.