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Lazy Susan Hinge<br>(sold in pairs)

Lazy Susan Hinge
(sold in pairs)

Part Nr: B079T8500.10 / B175H6000

This hinge is used to attach two Lazy Susan doors together in the middle to swing out. When using this hinge, one long side of each door should have a square 115 edge profile where this Lazy Susan hinge mounts. One door should be bored for hinges on both sides .One side of the door should be bored for our 170 degree hinge* to mount the doors to the cabinet. We can do this for you. Request hinge boring on the opposite side from this lazy Susan Hinge. The other side requires custom bore done on site for this Lazy Susan Hinge. This hinge requires the standard 35mm hole** drilled right on the edge of the door. The edge of the drill bit should be on the edge of the door. Recommended location is 3” from the top and bottom of the door to the center of the hole.

Each Set of Hinges Comes with:
8 - 6 x 5/8 Screws (mounting hinges to door and cabinet)

Sold as Pair(s) - Order One Set Per Door

Price: $14.95

Follow this link to mounting instructions:

*See our 170 degree hinge
**See our 35mm drill bit for $19.95 

Typical double hinge setup for lazy susan doors